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Happy pre-Thanksgiving-eve! I hope you are all spending the holiday with people you care about and feeling grateful. Nick and I are headed to Baltimore at 5am Thursday morning. Yes, no need to re-read, we’re leaving that early. We’ve heard that this is the worst holiday for east coast traffic – you don’t have to tell me twice. 

We also hosted our first NY Friendsgiving. It almost all grain-free and sugar-free with Cider Brined Turkey, my mom’s stuffing and also this grain-free one without the meat, puree butternut squash, cranberry chutney, green beans, and pumpkin tempeh (marinate the tempeh in pumpkin butter – too easy). Oh and two pumpkin pies using Elena’s SCD recipe, sadly not online.

I took the day off from pilates and Nick and I spent the day cooking. We had a blast in the kitchen and of course eating with our friends. Fortunately, I felt super thankful to have a house full of friends and good food, but unfortunately, I had tried to re-create our California friends. Of course, I didn’t duplicate my CA friends, how in the world had I let my subconscious do that? In any case, while it was a great dinner party, I still felt pretty homesick the next day.

I also recently realized how often I talk about California in NY which is the exact same thing as complaining, but slightly more positive (I can be tricky like that). Do you ever do that – defend something so strongly without ever really thinking it through? It happens to me whenever I feel uncomfortable.

I promised Nick and myself that I wouldn’t complain about New York, because after all, it’s a pretty great place that I’m hoping to enjoy for as long as I’m here. So, I made a new playlist that includes one song in particular, Home from Mumford and Sons, that reminds me that home is where my person is.

Here are some of the other songs that are making me happy at the moment:

  • Little Lion Man – also by Mumford and Sons
  • Ho Hey, The Lumineers
  • 99 Problems, Hugo – also played by the infamous Peter Petty at our wedding and it always brings me right back to the moment where all I could see were the people I love dancing their faces off.
  • You are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne – yes, our wedding song
  • Paradise, Coldplay
  • Little Talks, Of Monsters and Men
  • Fun, Some Nights – makes me want to dance

Californians – know that you are loved dearly

New Yorkers – I’m carving out a special place in my heart and couldn’t be more thankful to you for teaching me about being one human among many, for Brooklyn which is definitely our east coast place and for the friends we’ve been lucky to meet.

xoxo – “Home is where ever I’m with you”

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One response to “Current inspiration

  1. Oh brother…can’t wait for you to come to Cali and talk about how great NY was…lol…we will all be jealous…

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