You’re sooo Californian

This sums up my Sunday and it was pretty spectacular. I’m gearing up for my anatomy test and reading Blog Inc in between. Plus a SCD pumpkin smoothie with 70 degree weather.

Our day was quintessential Californian’s in New York. Everyone keeps making the same comment to us, “you guys are soooo California.” I don’t think I understood what they really meant until this weekend. 

Here was our Sunday schedule:

  • Pilates from 9-11am. Leave Williamsburg at 8.15am to get to Jersey City by 9am.
  • Go to an Israeli brunch with great friends at 11:30am. Leave Jersey City at 11am to get to Park Slope by the skin of our teeth at 11:30am.
  • Pick up mountain bike at the Soho REI (yes over another bridge).
  • Go mountain biking at Cunningham Park in Queens (another bridge).

Turns out we over planned…..again. We postponed the mountain biking and went up to the roof instead (refer to photo above).

The thing about New York that we just can’t seem to grasp is that you have to plan for the in between. Things like traffic, parades/events/protests  (you will be using a detour, it’s just the way it is), and sheer exhaustion from battling people, trains and noise all week.

So when people say, “you are sooo California,” they just mean that we forgot to plan for the New York part of it all and tried to fit California into New York – it ain’t happenin’ people.

Oh and on Saturday, I went to the Santigold concert and she was amazing! Photo below does not do it justice. Those back-up dancers were phenomenal.

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